Commercial Buildings

State Corps Construction Department manages a wide range of projects in such areas as; Military Compounds, Infrastructure, Heavy Civil Work, Power Plants and Power Transmission Lines throughout Afghanistan, Qatar, Bahrain and other Middle Eastern and South Asian Countries. Our construction department consists of professional Engineers who manage and coordinates over 35 multimillion dollar projects with clients such as; US Special Forces, USACE, AFCEC, UN and USAID.
State Corps Construction Manager schedules and coordinates all design, construction and quality control processes to ensure a productive and safe work environment is achieved. All SC Project Managers plan and systematize efforts to accomplish a successful project within the time and budget; and are often responsible for multiple projects at a time. It is due to outstanding teamwork and coordination of our departments that SC successfully completed challenging projects in such remote areas of Afghanistan as; Mirramor � Daykondi, Wardoj � Badakhshan, Musa Khel � Khost, KaldarSahra � Balkh.