Hydro Power Dams

Hydro Power Dams

State Corps is committed to exploring renewable energy projects that will protect the environment and benefit our communities. In a country with limited energy resources, the opportunities for private investment in renewable power generation are enormous. State Corps is firmly committed to a future in which the Afghans increasingly use renewable sources to meet their energy needs.
As one of the best Afghan construction companies, we are well equipped to handle all construction and other requirements of our clients. Our professionals and resources on hand ensure that our customer's needs are met effectively and efficiently.
State Corps offers full engineering, procurement and construction services on turnkey basis, which can be categorized under following headings.

Civil Construction

  • Surveying.
  • Detail Site Investigation (Soil Testing, Geological investigation, ect).
  • Construction of Civil structures for Electrical & Mechanical Installation
  • Civil Engineering construction etc.,

Electro-Mechanical Solutions

  • Supply of Water-to-wire solutions from reputed manufactures
  • Installation of transmission lines substations & Electro mechanical systems.

Operational & Maintenance Services

  • Reliable protective & preventive maintenance of the plant, which also include all civil, mechanical & Electro Mechanical areas.
  • Commitment to attend breakdown rectification, system enhancements, reliability measures & official improvements.
  • Coordination with client's staff for issues relating to any equipment suppliers.